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Universal Stand

                 UST 001    $36.30

                              UST 002      $39.00

                                                                                        *Dimensions of 2 stands:Base: LxWxH 220x60x40mm

                                                                                         *  Main Stem : Dia.xL:14x220mm, Secondary stem:  

                                                                                             Dia.x L  12x225mm

                                                                                         *Grip hole, Dia. 8+.02 mm, Weight: 4KGS

                                                                                         *Dial indicator with stem Dia. 8mm can be attached to  

                                                                                           The stand by having the stem griped through the   

                                                                                            griping hole of the stand.

                                                                                          *Dial indicator with stem Dia.3/8 can be attached to   the stand  by using a lug clamp locked to the griping

                                                                                            hole of the stand.

                                                                                          *UST 002 has fine adjustment feature.





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