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 Digital Multimeter


UT30F                           VC9802A

*Measures ACV, DCV, DCA and ACA, resistance,  inductance, diode forward voltage, transistor hFE ,frequency and audible continuity etc.It mostly applicable for measurement and monitor in respect of production line, scientific research, educational demonstration and service etc
VC9802A $ 49.90        CE Registered   
DC Voltage: 200mV – 1000V       AC Voltage: 200mV- 700V
DC Current: 20ľA – 10A/20A     AC Current: 20ľA – 10A/20A
UT30F $ 65.00   ULc Registered
DC Voltage: 200mV – 500V                  AC Voltage: 200mV – 500V
DC Current: 200ľA -10A            AC Current: 200mA – 10A







Clamp Digital Multimeter

BM802- $ 49.90

3-1/2” Digit Clamp Multimeter, Max Display 3999, Over Load Protection, Hold

AC4A/40A/400A/1000A, DCV, ACV, DCmA,Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty, Diode, Continuity.

BM803- $ 98.90

3-1/2 Digit DC/AC Clamp Multimeter, Max Display 3999,

DC/AC: 400A/1000A, DCV, ACV, DCmA/ACmA.

Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty, Diode, Continuity.  



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