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Mag. Base Indicator Holder


SMS 001    $16.25 SMS002    $17.35


  • Dial indicators can be attached to SMS 001 by using the lug of the indicator and the tightening screw and washer of SMS 001

  • SMS 002 carries a swivel wand of 1/4" diameter

  • Indicators (dial or test) can be attached to the 1/4" rod of SMS002 or SMS003 by using universal or dovetail clamp clamping on the rod

  • SMS003 has fine adjustment features

  • Base dimensions of the 3 holders: 3-1/2"x1-1/8"x1"

  • Base carries 2 magnets and a release lever

SMS 003





Universal Indicator Holder

  • Clamping Dia. 1-7/8"

  •  Length from clamping bracket to indicator 4-1/2

  • For milling machines & jigbores

  •  A quicker way of indicating

  •  Suitable for all popular indicators with 5/32" shank or dovetail.

UIH 001     $14.90

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